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The signature style transformation package

My clients say this is a truly life changing experience! The most comprehensive styling package that contains all my personal styling, coaching and support to help you develop your signature look. Find out more

Style coaching in Southampton

I have a wide range of style coaching and styling services in and around Southampton, Hampshire and the South, but my personal styling services can be accessed anywhere and are always tailored to your goals and lifestyle. If you’re looking for complementing services (hairdressers, photographers, etc), I have a whole network of connections dedicated to elevating your personal & professional style so please get in touch for my top recommendations.

“I took the full makeover package and it was worth every penny.”

Life-changing experience – truly! I took the full makeover package and it was worth every penny. Jo was extremely perceptive, calm and professional. I was completely at ease. This is not my usual experience with clothes shopping. I now feel confident and delighted about what I wear and what I buy because my fear of expensive mistakes has gone. Can’t thank you enough.

~ Adrienne Nemeth ~

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