Style coaching for women

When you’re juggling a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to find yourself in a monotonous clothes wearing routine.

Whether you’re a new mum, an ambitious entrepreneur or something in between, my bespoke style coaching is personalised around your lifestyle and here to help you get unstuck from your rut and back into you.


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Time for a new chapter

You’d like to get new feel good clothes but you don’t enjoy shopping like everyone else (let alone have the time!) It’s overwhelming and picking out clothes from a shop or your wardrobe leads you frustrated to tears. So you stick to the same trusted outfits thinking “that’ll do” but they feel more flat and dull instead of uplifting you. It knocks your confidence at work, on a date or out with your friends. “Everyone else looks so effortlessly amazing! How do they do it??”

Some of the many challenges my clients faced before they worked with me and if you can relate to the same style struggles then it’s time to rediscover your style confidence.

“I felt the whole experience was worth the investment”

I had a wardrobe and draws bursting with clothes and I was always saying I had nothing to wear. I felt down about how I wore everything, I lost my spark and was losing confidence. I chose to go with Joana because she really took the time to get to know me and where my head was at. I felt the whole experience was worth the investment as I now have a good understanding of what suits me. My confidence in the way I dress has improved so much. I take less time choosing clothes, less money spent on clothes and I feel like I don’t waste negative energy when dressing. I had a good laugh with Joana, she was brilliant, kind and inclusive.

~ Sam Stringer ~

Ditch the overwhelm and Reclaim your style identity

Great style is available to anyone no matter your age, weight or size, I promise you! With my Style Transformation Experience, you’ll learn what suits and flatters your figure.

You’ll be able to put together outfits on the fly that make you feel confident and leave you glowing. You’ll experience how fun and easy shopping can be and save money bc you’ll know exactly what to buy.


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Coaching and Mentoring

Whilst discovering your authentic style remains our top priority, we will work together to build a more positive mindset and healthier relationship with your body!

Colour palette discovery

This will give you the confidence to add more colour in your wardrobe. You will discover with shades work best for you, including makeup and hair tones.

Authentic Style Identity

We’ll cover face + body shape and style personality. Learn to use simple styling tricks to flatter your features to develop a signature style you feel confident and comfortable in.

Editing your wardrobe

Part with items that no longer align with you or your goals, identify gaps missing in your wardrobe, plan a personal shopping list and create outfits with what you already have.

Personalised Shopping experience

Explore new styles, purchase the missing gaps from your wardrobe and pick up tips that will change the way you feel about shopping.

Online Shopping experience

In person shopping not an option? I deliver shoppable moodboards with items ready to purchase at a click of a button so you can get on with your day.

Outfit building

Learn how to mix and match your clothes to create a whole range of exciting outfits. “I have nothing to wear” will never cross your mind again!

Style Support on demand

Question after your session? Want a second opinion on an outfit? I’ll be available for you to email, WhatsApp and zoom to support and guide you the you need it the most.

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“Jo was very gentle with me encouraging me to see the very best in myself”

I am a full time working single mum to two daughters, having been in a highly toxic, controlling and abusive relationship,my self-esteem and sense of self-worth was non-existent.  I was stuck in a rut of wearing comfy ‘mum’ clothes and I knew instinctively that what I was wearing was not helping me feel better about myself as I moved forward in my profession.  Jo was so kind and gentle at our first meeting over coffee I had every confidence that the next stage would be an incredibly positive event.  Jo brought practical items for my ‘new’ wardrobe as well as a small gift for me, she helped with hair, make up, outfits, praised my accessories and generally made me feel wonderful! I would 100% recommend STYLING YOU CONFIDENT. I have never regretted making that initial contact with Jo and seeing the whole process through.

~ Sarah B. ~

Meet Stye Coach Joana

It’s easy to empathise with my clients because I’ve been through so many of their style struggles myself. I’ve battled with my own set of self-esteem challenges and limiting beliefs but style coaching really turned my life around. Now I love sharing my style coaching expertise to help many other women do this same.

Meet Joana

“… And this is what personal styling sessions are all about”

I had an amazing experience visiting Joana for the colour and body shape analysis. Definitely was needed. “(…) my wardrobe was disorganized and overloaded with the stuff I didn’t wear yet I kept buying new things. Most of the times, the pieces I purchased were nearly identical to those I already owned. Joana helped me find my style identity. I have explored so many different shapes and gained an understanding of how I can combine them to compliment by body. It was surprising to discover that to build the capsule outfits, I already had many things in my collection. I just needed to add a couple of pieces. Now I have a wardrobe which consist of personalised outfits that are easy to pick and are versatile(…).

~ Kristine Krasovska ~

Ready to feel confident in your own personal style?

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