Style coaching for Men

From how you dress, to the way you groom and style your hair, my personal styling has everything you need to create that unforgettable first impression and beyond.

Learn how to dress to impress! Whether you’re wanting a promotion at work, looking to attract the right partner or in need of a confidence boost, my style coaching will teach you how to dress for your ambition.

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Break out of your style rut

Finding the time to go shopping can be difficult as it is but even more so when you have no idea what to buy. You’ve got a strong personality but it’s hard to find clothes that suit in a sea of grey, brown and black. When you manage to put something together, your outfits still feel underwhelming and uninspiring.

You feel clueless about combining clothes. It’s like your image doesn’t match your ambitions and you don’t know where to start.

In my signature Style Coaching for Men I’ll help you to:

  • Learn how to dress for your ambition and further your career.
  • Feel more confident in what you wear on a date and attract the right partner.
  • Stand out in a crowd and feel seen whether your in the office or out with friends.
  • Have a wardrobe with clothes that fit well, look good on you and are easy to combine.
  • Seek out unique pieces during quick and efficient shopping trips.

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“Dressing better… builds confidence”

Jo will give you confidence to develop a personal and distinctive style which meets your professional and lifestyle profile. Dressing better increases the impact anyone has socially and in business and it builds confidence too

~ Peter Nemeth ~

Coaching and Mentoring

Creating a good impression with your clothes is just the start. My personalised style coaching helps with your mindset, body language and presence for a full bodied confident look.

Find your ‘Wow’ Colours

During colour analysis, we’ll find you a striking colour palette beyond navy, grey and black and you’ll learn how to use these new found colours to enhance your look.

Discover your Style Identity

Learn which styles suit you and how to create a more polished look. We’ll cover your whole image from haircuts to grooming to eyewear and explore new styling options.

Edit your wardrobe

After discovering your unique style identity, we’ll edit your current wardrobe to reflect the person you want to be and identify which key pieces you are missing.

2 seasonal shopping sessions

Find and create smart-casual capsules for Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer plus purchase any items that are missing in your current wardrobe.

Online Shopping experience

Any key complementary pieces that weren’t available during your shopping session, will be delivered in a shopping board (which you can access anywhere) ready to click and buy.

Wardrobe Styling

Elevate your outfit building skills! I’ll help you create a collection of outfits and collate them into a look book so you have instant access to 30+ different outfits ready to wear!

on demand Style Support

During our time working together, you can reach out via email or whatsApp as many times as you need. I can answer your style queries and give you my advice on the go.

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“… a great investment”

I’m really happy with the things I have got. It’s totally outside anything I would have bought for myself, but I really like it all. It was a total treat but also a great investment. Also I didn’t expect to be thinking about hair, glasses, watch etc when doing this but it’s all important. Lots of people have all commented on the colours being right for me and making me look brighter. It’s nice to think if I go out anywhere smarter I can turn up looking smart. I am looking forward to wearing some nice outfits.

~ Simon M. ~

“She's good at tailoring everything to your requirements”

Jo has been shopping with me over about 4 or 5 years. If you’re reading this and thinking about asking her to help you; or thinking about organising a colour/wardrobe makeover/or shopping experience for you or your partner, do give it a go, I reckon you’ll be really pleased you did. I now have a wardrobe full of clothes I like, that all work together so I have lots of options. She’s good at tailoring everything to your individual requirements but also making you dress better. I like to look good but also love feeling comfy, so that’s what she’s done. I was actually a bit surprised by how many spontaneous compliments I got after the first time we shopped together and people have said since ‘you dress really well Matt’ – except it was actually Jo.

~ Matt Flynn ~

“I would genuinely recommend this service to anyone.”

I went into this experience, which was gifted to me, thinking that I had a pretty firm handle on the colours that suited me. I was staggered at how wrong I was! I was shown first hand the colours that work specifically for me and the positive effect using them has on how I look. I would genuinely recommend this service to anyone. I’m just excited now to start building a wardrobe that gives me a bit more of a glow. Thank you!

~ Luke Neary ~

Meet the expert style coach

Hi, I’m Joana and I have a proven track record of helping my clients go after and achieve the success they want. My expert mix of personal styling AND coaching allows me to provide a fully holistic, long lasting transformation that’s not just skin deep.

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