Client testimonials

“My problem was, I just didn’t know what to wear when I’m not working…”

Jo has become a constant help to me since she came into my life!! I’ve recently turned 40 years old, I am a Pilates teacher and very used to just living in leggings and comfy clothes. My problem was, I just didn’t know what to wear when I’m not working, as I’ve been spoilt with being comfortable all of the time! Before the first lockdown, Jo did my colours and I couldn’t believe what a difference it made! My husband had bought me a shopping experience for Christmas last year, but when Covid hit this obviously couldn’t take place. So Jo and I did lots of shopping online and we got some lovely pieces and I learned what my style is. Last weekend we did a complete wardrobe detox together, where she got me organised and told me what clothes work well together, with shoes and bags etc. For anyone that is having any kind of fashion crisis… Jo is definitely your lady!

~ Louisa Daniels ~

“I've become a more confident woman who's able to present herself as competent and stylish”

I work from home and that meant spending my days in tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts with no thought to what I wore. Last year I decided to change that and started looking around for a personal stylist. A lot of the other stylists I looked at had individual packages you could purchase for colours or personal shopping, but Joana was the first one I saw that had brought all those pieces together into a single journey.

Over the last year I have learnt so much about what I should be wearing and Joana always made sure it fit in with my personal style. I was worried at the start that I would be recommended clothes or styles which were classically fashionable but didn’t fit with my style but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Joana always checked in with me on what I thought about pieces and has an eye for finding things that I wouldn’t have thought of but loved.

I’m so glad I started this journey with Joana. She’s helped me transform my wardrobe but also the way I think about dressing and presenting myself. I’ve become a more confident woman who’s able to present herself as competent and stylish, all thanks to Joana.

~ Emma Mullen ~

“The whole experience has been amazing.”

I have worked with Jo for a year now, the whole experience has been amazing.
I lived in black and when she originally said it wasn’t a good colour for me I felt out of my comfort zone!
I have embraced the warm colour tones and advice on which styles suit my body shape and learnt so much.
It’s lovely when people comment on how well a colour suits me now.
The shopping trips with Jo have been so helpful she is such a lovely warm kind person and makes you feel instantly at ease .
Would highly recommend her services .

~ Becky Barrett ~

“You have given me the confidence to embrace my shape, style and be bold!”

I cannot recommend Joana enough! I was struggling to find a suitable outfit to officiate my friends wedding but, with Joana’s help, found the perfect outfit that not only matched my colour pallet but also my body shape – I felt so confident! Joana has given me the confidence to embrace outfits that suit my personality and embrace my body shape. As a result, clothes shopping has become so much easier and I find it so much easier now to put outfits together. (…) Thank YOU! I got an outfit that I absolutely love, it’s my go to! You have given me the confidence to embrace my shape, style and be bold!

~ Claire Rawlings ~

“I do not usually like shopping but loved the experience with you.”

I’ve been working with Jo for a while now. Jo has a lovely gentle way and has so much knowledge about colours, styling and body shapes. She is very passionate and has completely over-hauled my wardrobe. It’s absolutely right that we should find the clothes that we love and make us feel great and she really does do this during her sessions. Jo’s communication is excellent and is always on hand for advice or tips. Wish that I had done this before as for people like me, that do not like indecisive shopping and like to make a quick choice, this enables you to do that and not regret your decision later on down the line.

~ Dawn Frost ~

“...she has a knack of making you feel good about yourself.”

My lovely daughter treated me to a range of Jo’s colour and styling sessions having benefitted from Jo’s help and advice herself. After retiring a few years ago and having recently taken the decision to go grey I had rather lost my way with colour and style. Jo is brilliant, she has a knack of making you feel good about yourself. Not only do I now have some lovely new clothes from our shopping sessions together, in styles and colours I wouldn’t have ventured to buy without Jo’s help, but my “old” wardrobe has taken on a new lease of life thanks to Jo’s suggestions of different ways to wear and co-ordinate the clothes. Thank you so much Jo

~ Helen Eades ~

“Joana goes above and beyond our scheduled sessions, always there when I need advice…”

Working with Joana over the past few months has been an absolute pleasure. Not only has she worked wonders on my wardrobe, but she has been key in boosting my confidence throughout the process. Joana’s expertise in helping me define my style and adding fantastic pieces to my wardrobe has been nothing short of incredible. With her help, I’ve discovered countless outfits that I never thought possible from my existing wardrobe.

What’s been a real game-changer is understanding my color palette – it’s like having a secret style weapon! Joana goes above and beyond our scheduled sessions, always there when I need advice, even if it’s just about choosing the perfect pair of boots. Joana, you’ve completely transformed not only my wardrobe but also my self-confidence.

I felt like your intentional approach to redefining my wardrobe has boosted my workplace confidence tenfold. From positive interactions with colleagues to an overall sense of assurance in my identity. Thank you for your invaluable advice.

~ Leigh-Ann A. ~

“Five stars!”

I highly recommend Jo! I was given a lovely 40th present from some girlfriends for Jo to do my colours and wardrobe assessment. Not only was it a lot of fun – but Jo was great at picking out a number of items I already had and then sign-posting me towards a couple of key purchases that would give me a number of new outfits. Jo was really friendly and continues to check in to make sure I’m following the rules. Five stars!!! xo

~ Tara-Leigh McVey ~

“I regularly get compliments about how I look”

I started with a group colour confidence workshop and this was fantastic and showed me how the colours I wear make such a difference to how I look. It let me consider how I can help to make myself look radiant with both the makeup and clothing I wear.
I then went on to have a style session which has helped me to work out the shapes and styles that suit me. I am now more confident with what I wear and can make various outfits from several key pieces.
I regularly get compliments about how I look or what I wear, all thanks to the lovely Jo. She is so knowledgeable and helpful and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

~ Kim Bygrave ~

“…in my latest shopping trip with Jo…”

When I first started working with Jo, she got me to build a vision board and decide exactly what I wanted out of my brand new wardrobe. I thought about future me and what she wanted. Over the months, I have come to trust that Jo has really plugged into that vision because she has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I would never have given a second glance to the boots she encouraged me to try yesterday – but when I tried them on and looked in the mirror – I saw how aligned they are to the version of me I was working towards on my vision board.

~ Davina Schoeman ~

“Wish I'd known sooner”

My intro to Jo was through a competition where I was lucky enough to win a colour consultation….. little did I know this would open my eyes to a whole new way of looking at my wardrobe and how I would shop for clothes going forwards….. From understanding how colour can change the whole way I look and feel to what to look for when shopping. I have now worked with Jo for the last 12 months and I can honestly say my love of shopping has come back – this comes with a warning – I actually love it a bit too much again! My wardrobe has gone from far too much black to a mix of colour and items that can be mixed and matched – the options seem endless. I really cannot recommend enough, pick up the phone and book a session with Jo – I am convinced you will become hooked like I have – cannot believe I have reached the age of 50 and never knew of this service – wish I’d known sooner as I am sure my wardrobe would have been a lot different and money wasted on items often not worn could have been invested in Jo’s amazing service – THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH Jo it really has been an absolute joy learning from you & having you by my side on this journey xx

~ Melanie Griffins ~

“Has really helped me make better shopping choices and avoid wasting money”

I was initially looking to book just a colour analysis but ended up booking the complete ‘Wardrobe Reset’ package, which included a shape and style analysis, colour confidence session, makeup consultation and a wardrobe detox and edit, and I’m so glad I did. Before meeting Joana I was a bit nervous but I didn’t need to be – Joana’s kind and caring nature put me at ease straight away. I had a wardrobe rammed with clothes yet could never find anything to wear. Clearing out my wardrobes was quite a cathartic experience and it felt great to have a neat, tidy and organised wardrobe at the end of it. My colour analysis was a bit of a revelation. I had always assumed I had a warm skin tone so I was very surprised to find out I am actually a ‘cool’, which I can totally see now! The colour card Joanna gave me has been really handy and I am gradually training my eyes to spot the difference between warm and cool shades. Joana is incredibly knowledgeable and her advice and guidance has really helped me to make better shopping choices and avoid wasting money buying the wrong clothes and accessories. Thank you Joana for such an amazing experience.

~ Jude Gray ~

“…was great fun and it was so interesting”

I had a colour consultation with Joana yesterday, which was great fun and it was so interesting to see the difference colours or even different shades of a colour can make. I know that clothes can help with confidence and I can’t wait to add a bit of colour to my mostly black and white wardrobe. Joana was great at explaining what to look out for and showing me the difference the colours make. She gave me lots of tips of how I can work with what I have to make small changes immediately. Thanks so much Joana!

~ Frederike H. ~

“The session was absolutely brilliant”

I booked in for a colour consultancy session after coming across Jo’s website which was informative and professional and made me feel confident in my decision to choose her from the start. The session was absolutely brilliant and I came away knowing exactly what colours suited me and was even given a colour swatch to take shopping with me which is so helpful. The time Jo spends to really get to know you as a customer just adds to how great the whole session is and I really can’t recommend her enough.

~ Sophie Chandler ~

“The shopping and styling experience was amazing”

A wonderful experience from start to finish. Joana created an inspiration board to help collect ideas. Then the shopping and styling experience was amazing! So helpful and full of tips and tricks. Joana is incredible and always on hand for advice.

~ Stephanie Thornton ~

“(...) that one session made a big difference in my confidence.”

I’ve recently had my colour confidence session with Jo and I’d recommend it to everyone. It’s been amazing experience to see how colours works with my skin and hair and it gave me great confidence to wear colours. I’m constantly looking at my colour palette and making plans of what I’ll wear,how I’ll combine the colours and what will my next makeup purchase be 🤦🏻‍♀️😁 Again, definitely recommend Jo to everyone. She’s very approachable, knowledgeable and friendly person and that one session made a big difference in my confidence.

~ Janka Timkova ~

“Jo cares greatly about the emotional effect these sessions can have on someone”

I had a Shape and Style and a Wardrobe Detox session with Joana. The first session was about discovering my body shape and the clothing style that suit it best. This was quite a surprise and helped me realise I hadn’t really been dressing the best for my shape over the years. The second session was a full wardrobe detox, it feels great to got rid of all the clothes which didn’t fit or weren’t suitable for my body shape. I now have just one wardrobe that contains all my main items, easy to see and to put together from the photos I took when Jo put the pieces together for me. Even the simple trick of having just black coat hangers makes all the difference as there is no distraction of coloured hangers. Overall a great experience. Jo is a lovely person and cares greatly about the emotional effect these sessions can have on someone who can see the removal of all the clothes from the years as a personal loss and encourages looking forward instead.

~ Sue Mealey ~

“I wish I'd done it years ago!!”

I recently had a colour confidence session with Jo. I was amazed at how colours could make me look so different… Jo also did my make up, again I was so surprised. Jo is a lovely lady and I came away feeling very confident with which colours work for me. I highly recommend booking a session with Jo. I wish I’d done it years ago!! Thank you Jo

~ Susan Bessey ~

“It's amazing what the right colours can do”

My session was Jo was wonderful – she is professional, friendly, warm, welcoming and so knowledgeable. My sister and I felt totally at ease during the experience and would highly recommend it. It’s amazing what the right colours can do to elevate and harmonise your overall look. Thank you Jo xxx

~ Lauren Smith ~

“She’s so lovely, and makes everything fun”

I have been seeing Jo for just over a year now (and despite Covid) she has been the most wonderful person to help me on my style journey. As someone who has always lacked self confidence and hides under baggy clothes, or ones that are two sizes too big! Jo has taken the time to help me understand the colours, shapes and styles that suit me, and pushed me out of my comfort zone when it comes to an outfit. I still have a way to go, but am definitely loving the experience and highly recommend Jo to anyone wanting to find out more about what suits them, how to wear items you are too afraid to try – she’s your girl! Plus… it helps that she’s so lovely, and makes everything fun!

~ Aliesha D. ~

“We were made to feel at ease immediately with a warm welcome.”

We had a mother and daughter appointment today which was great fun. Joana is extremely knowledgeable, professional and patient. We were made to feel at ease immediately with a warm welcome. Had such fun as we went through our colours. We left knowing what colours suit and what colours don’t . We touched on makeup too!
We would highly recommend booking into see Joana.
Thank you! Lisa & Viv

~ Lisa Carney ~

“Great idea for girls day out!”

My friends and I recently had colour analysis done with Joana. It’s been such a great experience, we were amazed how different colours could make our skin and hair look so different. Joana was very welcoming, knowledgeable and friendly. I can’t recommend her enough! We’ve traveled almost 3 hours to see her, absolutely worth it! Great idea for girls day out!

~ Karolina Woloszyn ~