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“I do not usually like shopping but loved the experience with you.”

I’ve been working with Jo for a while now. Jo has a lovely gentle way and has so much knowledge about colours, styling and body shapes. She is very passionate and has completely over-hauled my wardrobe. It’s absolutely right that we should find the clothes that we love and make us feel great and she really does do this during her sessions. Jo’s communication is excellent and is always on hand for advice or tips. Wish that I had done this before as for people like me, that do not like indecisive shopping and like to make a quick choice, this enables you to do that and not regret your decision later on down the line.

~ Dawn Frost ~

“…in my latest shopping trip with Jo…”

When I first started working with Jo, she got me to build a vision board and decide exactly what I wanted out of my brand new wardrobe. I thought about future me and what she wanted. Over the months, I have come to trust that Jo has really plugged into that vision because she has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I would never have given a second glance to the boots she encouraged me to try yesterday – but when I tried them on and looked in the mirror – I saw how aligned they are to the version of me I was working towards on my vision board.

~ Davina Schoeman ~

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