About Me

Hello, I’m Joana! A Hampshire Style Coach™ and Personal Stylist helping you discover your Style Identity and feel more style confident.

I coach men and women to be more style confident, elevate their personal brand and dress for their own success.

Style confidence helped my clients attract the right romantic relationship, progress in their careers, dress and shop more confidently knowing exactly what to wear for every occasion.

Having struggled with my own self-esteem and confidence for the good part of 20 ish years of my life, I turned to Style Coaching™ to help me overcome my own negative beliefs. 

Style Coaching Institute in London, gave me the skills set to empower my clients overcome their style struggles, boost their confidence and improve their mindset. 

I am firm believer you should never stop learning, and that’s why I keep my knowledge and skills regularly updated with monthly masterclasses from the International Association of Style Coaches™.

Before Style Coaching™, I spent years working for big brands like Karen Millen and GANT, perfecting my outfit building skills and understanding more about the frustrations and challenges that came with shopping.

My approach is usually described as sympathetic, caring and reassuring when working with my clients and my sessions are always packed with simple-to-follow tips that are practical and efficient.

If you liked what you read and would love to know how I can help YOU be more style confident, then book a complimentary 30 min call with me.

I am confident I can help you create a jaw-dropping signature style that you feel both fantastic and comfortable in.


"The session was a real treat and everything I'd hoped for"

Oh my gosh, I just spent a few hours with Joanna talking clothing colours and have learnt so much. I'm feeling confident that there is some science behind my feelings that certain clothes make me feel 'right' and others make me feel 'wrong'. I can now understand why. Joanna was very welcoming and I'm looking forward to my next session about clothing style and shapes. The session was a real treat and everything I'd hoped for. Thank you Joanna. Xx

~ Jeanette Cote ~