Why Online Style Quizzes are unreliable and not always work!

19th October 2023

Top struggle most people face when it comes to their personal style is how to define it. There’s no secret that the key to wasting less money and time when picking clothes that suit you is clarity! But do Style Quizzes actually work? Is the answer to your style challenges behind an online style quiz? Here’s why I avoid them with my clients.

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Why I avoid Style Quizzes in my sessions

There are several reasons why I don’t rely on online personal style quizzes to define my clients’ style identity, but today I am highlighting seven:

1. Lack of Accuracy: Online quizzes provide general or inaccurate results because they rely on a limited set of questions and predetermined categories. Your personal style is much more complex and may not fit neatly into the options provided.

2. Limited Options: Online quizzes typically offer a fixed set of style categories, which may not encompass the full range of your personal style preferences.

3. Subjectivity: Personal style is highly subjective, and online quizzes may not take into account your unique tastes, preferences, or the cultural and social factors that influence your style choices.

4. Changing Preferences: Your style preferences can evolve over time and what you like today may not be the same as what you liked a year ago.

5. Lack of Interpretation: Online quizzes cannot provide the level of personalisation that you will get from working with a style coach who can understand your specific needs and preferences.

6. Emotional Connection: Your personal style is often tied to your emotions and experiences. Online quizzes cannot capture the emotional connection you have with certain clothing items or styles.

7. No Room for Creativity: Personal style should be an expression of your individuality and creativity. Relying solely on online quizzes can stifle your ability to experiment and innovate with your fashion choices.

Working with clients from different backgrounds and diversity, I noticed this one common factor: you are not made to be put into a “box”. We are complex and wonderful beings, why should we have a “standard” style identity? Often I encounter that my clients’ personal styles are a mix of different personalities depending on where they wear their clothes.

Have you had enough of trying to figure out your personal style on your own? Would you like to work in an environment that celebrates your uniqueness?

Great! Check out my Style Transformation page to see how I can help you!

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