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Struggling to pick out feel-good outfits? Never know what to wear for the office, specially after Covid? Shopping a stress? Regardless of shape, size, age or lifestyle, you deserve to look and feel at your best! Together we’ll discover your signature look and style confidence so you can say goodbye to the confusion and frustration of deciding what to wear and what to buy. My all-inclusive, straightforward style packages have delivered jaw-dropping results and got my clients saying the same: ”I wish I had done this years ago”.

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“I took the full makeover package and it was worth every penny.”

Life-changing experience – truly! I took the full makeover package and it was worth every penny. Jo was extremely perceptive, calm and professional. I was completely at ease. This is not my usual experience with clothes shopping. I now feel confident and delighted about what I wear and what I buy because my fear of expensive mistakes has gone. Can’t thank you enough.

~ Adrienne Nemeth ~

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“I now have a wardrobe full of clothes I like, that all work together”

Jo has been shopping with me over about 4 or 5 years. I now have a wardrobe full of clothes I like, that all work together so I have lots of options. She’s good at tailoring everything to your individual requirements but also making you dress better. I like to look good but also love feeling comfy, so that’s what she’s done. I was actually a bit surprised by how many spontaneous compliments I got after the first time we shopped together. If you’re reading this and thinking about asking her to help you give it a go, I reckon you’ll be really pleased you did.

~ Matthew Flynn ~

“She has revolutionised the way I think about dressing and shopping”

My whole experience with Jo has been wonderful. She has revolutionised the way I think about dressing and shopping. I’ve had so many compliments about the clothes she has helped me buy and she has given me the confidence to really express my personality through my clothes. Every item I have bought since we started working together is something I love and I’m getting so much more wear out of my clothes as a result. I look forward every day to choosing my outfits and they make me feel so much better about myself. I would (and have!) recommend Jo to anyone. She really “got” me, right from the beginning of our journey together, and has made it such an enjoyable experience.

~ Sarah J. Bond ~

Meet the styling you confident founder

Over the years, I’ve worked with men and women from various backgrounds all seeking the same thing: STYLE CONFIDENCE! Regular personal styling didn’t fill the mindset gaps needed to create a fully authentic, confident look and feel so as a certified Style Coach™, I set up my own successful formula that combines elements from personal styling and life coaching to help you define your style identity and feel great in your own skin. Meet Joana

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